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Branch Information

Welcome. Below you will find a time line looking at how the Branch has evolved over the years.

2005 – The first edition of the South Island Thoroughbred Breeder Newsletter was produced with the help of Annie Studholme.

2007 - The branch set up a website so that we could keep our members informed as well as enable those visitors searching for a thoroughbred stallion for their mare, the opportunity to see the selection of stallions that we have in the South Island.  The website includes the latest news of interest, upcoming branch events, South Island stallions, information on branch bonus schemes, and links to advertisers and sponsors. There will be some duplication with our branch information available on the NZ Thoroughbred Breeders' Association Head Office website ( 

2008 - We are the only branch within the Association that is Incorporated, and as such has its own constitution.  At our AGM in April 2008, our branch constitution was amended to allow us to expand the acceptance criteria allowing associate 'Social' members into the branch.  This enables anyone here or overseas to support the activities of the branch, and take advantage of any exclusive deals that the branch may obtain during your membership.  

2008 - In association with DUNSTAN FEEDS the branch launched CBIS (Canterbury Breeders Incentive Scheme), this unique scheme was introduced to recognise the part that the breeder plays in the 'life-cycle' of the racehorse and although initially it was only for three seasons we hope that this will run for many years.  Even though the scheme has "Canterbury" in the title it is open to all OUR full branch members, this is important as the branch includes breeders from Canterbury, Marlborough, Westland, Tasman and Otago (as well as few from other regions and even overseas who have chosen to be associated with our branch through the Full membership option).  

2008 - It was brought to our attention by a branch member that there was no foal fostering service covering the South Island (as the only service available covered the North Island as far south as Palmerston North), so to satisfy this need we launched the South Island Foal Fostering Service. This is a FREE service and is open to anyone requiring it.  You will see the current Foal Foster Status on the home page... this is kept updated and also includes the contact numbers and useful information, you will also see the contact numbers if you are North Island and urgently need assistance (please note that their service does have a charge and they will inform you of this).

2011/12  - Saw the launch of a NEW branch scheme with a FIRST GIRL HOME RACE BONUS for those financial branch members who race their fillies in the South Island. To win one of these bonuses the filly doesn't have to win... just be the first qualifying filly home.  Details of the conditions and bonus races can be found on the site. 

June 2015 – We decided it was time to follow the social network and set up a FACEBOOK page to keep members and non-members up to date with latest news, the breeding successes of our members, help with running the foal foster service and anything that may be of interest to members.  

June 2015 – The launch of our updated website.

Once again it is important that we stress (as we have since the website was launched) that this site is NOT the "official" New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders' Association head office site and doesn't pretend to be, but it is our opportunity to promote the thoroughbred breeding industry and associated equine businesses from a South Island angle. 

There's never been a better time to be a member of our branch, and even if you are living overseas or maybe not even a breeder you can still become a Social member of our branch... we look forward to hearing from you and meeting up either at one of our events or on the racecourse.

Mike Perkins
On behalf of the
NZTBA CMWO Branch inc.
Including Otago members since October 2007 and Social Members since April 2008


Over the years Mike Perkins has put so many hours into this branch and was always the smiling face at many of our social events. It is very difficult to thank someone like Mike but the committee would like to share our sincere appreciation to Mike.

Foster Mares Required

None currently required